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"We find Proguard Protection to be very professional, courteous and very attentive. Proguard provides excellent service."


Alan S.




No other security corporation has the breadth of highly trained professional security personnel providing our clients with the highest level of security and protection. We employ hundreds of off-duty and retired police officers all over the nation. These agents undergo a comprehensive vetting process and are chosen for their vast field experience and expertise. Armed Security personnel are available 24 hours per day and can usually be deployed within 4 hours. Our agents routinely provide armed protective services for courier services transporting high-end jewelry, commodities and fine art. Whatever your security need may be, our Armed Security Division is the industry leading experts in safeguarding you, your family or business.



Our uniformed agents represent the industry's most committed, professional and highly trained. No other company demands so much from their employees. We set our expectations high because our clients deserve nothing less than perfection. Armed or unarmed, we have the solution that's right for you. We are available 24 hours a day to customize your security solution. No matter what your security need is, Proguard Protection has the resources, training and experience for every detail.


Our Uniformed Guards are available for any venue or location, including:

• Retail Establishments

• Restaurants, Bars

• Homeowner Associations

• Commercial Centers

• Construction Sites

• Community Events

• Hotels

• Hospitals



With the increased threat of international and domestic terrorism and the always present threat of injury or kidnapping by criminals, organizations, or hostile groups, the protection of diplomats and executives has never been greater. Proguard Protection specializes in providing security services and protection for some of the nations Fortune 500 CEO's, visiting dignitaries, entertainment industry celebrities and the very affluent from the threats of assassination, kidnapping, bodily injury, and intimidation.


Just as important, but often overlooked, is the specialized security we provide to the families of at-risk individuals. Our agents, working with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies when appropriate, complete a detailed threat assessment and provide the client with a security plan that includes secure air and ground transportation, top level protective service agents, specially trained drivers, surveillance countermeasure teams, and our certified medical technicians. We are fully cognizant of our clients need to be able to conduct business in a safe and secure environment, without the worry of their personal safety or of their family. Proguard Protection's team of highly trained and experienced agents are able to protect anyone, anywhere at anytime.



Nearly 2 million American workers report being the victims of workplace violence each year. Workplace violence is unpredictable and affects businesses small and large. Employee terminations and disgruntled workers significantly increase the likelihood of a violent encounter or event at the worksite. Companies who fail to adequately protect their employees expose the business to civil liability. Proguard Protection is the only professional security corporation able to dispatch off-duty or retired police officers to your business within hours. Our team of Workplace Violence Prevention experts have years of threat mitigation experience. Never leave the safety of your employees and staff to chance, call us 24 hours a day and let our team of agents secure your site.



We supply armed and unarmed agents trained in providing security for high-rise buildings, corporate centers and industrial complexes. From perimeter security to access control, CCTV monitoring, reception services, fire alarm monitoring and responding to emergencies, Proguard Protection has a security solution for every business.



Your home, your family: our commitment to providing only the most highly trained dignitary protection agents in the industry. Our agents are bound by strict privacy policies and dedicated to duty.



Proguard Protection can provide any venue with a security solution for your company's sporting, entertainment or corporate event. Our services include crowd and parking control, canine patrol, and access control for the perimeter and auditorium. We assign an account executive familiar with the your venue and the local law enforcement agency. Homeowners associations, construction sites, retail and commercial sites, agents are available 24-hours a day to provide our clients with a cost effective and highly visible proactive solution to every security need.



We believe that there can be no greater responsibility than providing a safe and secure environment for our children. Private security for our nation's school system requires a security company with the experience, training and systems in place to secure our schools and protect our children.



Proguard Protection offers static security guards and Mobile Patrol to conduct random security patrols at any venue, commercial or residential. Our agents will provide parking enforcement, lock/unlock common areas, respond to resident complaints while discouraging unauthorized and criminal activity. All officers will be trained for site specific duties which may include gate access, traffic control, parking enforcement and tenant or vendor response. In addition to Fire Watch, PPG will provide temporary uniformed officers to ensure that vehicle and pedestrian traffic is rerouted when parking areas are resurfaced or repainted. Agents will secure units during remodel, repainting or fumigation, as well as units subject to eviction proceedings.



Nowhere else is the presence of professional security vital to the success of a retail establishment. Proguard Protection understands its critical role in providing every customer, visitor and employee with unparalleled security services. Our agents don't think it's just their job - it's a partnership.